WITH all three members of Pardon Us moving to Liverpool years ago – “a real DIY awakening”, they were drawn in by punk rock’s “mission, its values, its people and, most importantly, its incredible music”. Morgan (vocals/guitar), Alex (bass/vocals) and Gabby (drums/vocals) played in bands such as Flamingo 50 and the Down and Outs before Pardon Us emerged from the ashes of the band Town Bike in 2014. 

“When Sarah from Town Bike went to the US to study, Gabby, Jane and I decided to carry on playing music together, sticking to pop-punk, but just making everything a little more rough and ready, to suit my rather coarser vocal stylings,” Morgan explains. “When Jane hung up her bass after recording our first demo, Alex stepped in, and we've been going from strength to strength ever since!” 

Honing their driving sound on the road, highlights have included playing a brewery in Manchester with Iron Chic and Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. “There’s been a lot of awesome shows we’ve played with some really great bands which is a lot of fun, playing Rebellion last year was definitely up there,” Gabby reveals. “I do enjoy playing shows with other female musicians too, its refreshing not to be the only one on a bill!” 

Influenced by a range of punk bands, including Off With Their Heads, J Church, Leatherface, Against Me!, Husker Du, Worriers and Iron Chic, as well as the political folk of Phil Ochs, their sound is infectious, punchy and powerful. In 2017, the trio released their first self-titled EP in 2017 on Everything Sucks Music. Morgan recalls, “Recording with Mark Magill was a joy, and taught us a lot about how to function in the studio.  He brings out the best in us, which is why we were very keen to record with him again for our LP.  Working with Everything Sucks Music is an absolute delight, and we couldn't be happier to be putting out the album with them. We're very proud to be in such great company as part of the Everything Sucks family.” 

With their debut full-length, ‘Wait’, out in July on Everything Sucks, Morgan says of the music and themes of the record: “The LP picks up from where our EP left off, whilst expanding our musical palette and broadening our lyrical scope a bit. It's still raw, tuneful punk rock with anthemic choruses at heart, but there's plenty of other stuff going on too, from the psychedelic instrumental break in 'Counting Backwards', to the breakneck tempo changes of' 'If the Black Shirt Fits' and the gentle acoustic outro of 'It's a Phil Ochs Kind of Day'. In terms of lyrics, some songs continue the more personal themes of the songs from the EP, but we also cover some more socio-political topics, including a look at the alarming rise of the popular far-right (the aforementioned '...Black Shirt') and a plea for solidarity with all refugees and asylum seekers ('Inconvenient Reminder').” 

In terms of their personal favourite tracks, Gabby says ‘Inconvenient Reminder’ – “it’s probably one of the slower tracks on the record, but to me it still packs a punch, with a good gang vocal in the chorus, which for me is always fun!” Morgan talks of the “punchy pop stormer” ‘Brains”, which “contains the word 'exsanguinate', which you don't hear often enough in today's popular music.” Alex goes for ‘Thankful’ - “it’s got lots of interesting different elements musically, with bass and drums intertwining really well. Add in Morgan blasting out Gabs’ lyrics and it’s real team effort from conception to finished article.” 

So what does the future hold for Pardon Us? “For the rest of 2019, we'd just like to carry on playing as much as we can, see some new places and meet more cool people,” smiles Morgan. “There may be a trip to the mainland on the cards, and we're already eager to record again - the songs keep coming!  Of course, after Brexit we'll probably actually just be fighting for our lives in a dystopian wasteland, but we try to be optimistic...”